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To advance your Digital Marketing Skills

Free Resources

To advance your Digital Marketing Skills
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We are all about providing you with the best website, print graphic design… and best digital marketing results too; if that is something you would also like (who wouldn’t). If you are a business owner, manager or an employee, there are many benefits to learning aspects of digital marketing.

The internet sure has shaken up the way we all do business! Sure, many things will always stay the same – eg. people choose to work with (or buy from) those they ‘know, like, trust and value’. However with so much competition nowadays, combined with the ability to find a business simply by instantly doing a Google search on your smart-phone, plus WAY fewer people watching free to air TV (due to Netflix, Stan, and other online streaming services), and less and less people listening to the radio or reading a printed newspaper, attracting new customers has changed dramatically! That is where the below resources come into play.

Embracing digital marketing is key to success! “Knowledge is power”, as they say. The more you learn, the more meaningful conversations you will have with your digital marketing expert team, which leads to rolling out effective ‘return on investment’ (ROI) strategies faster… which of course then leads to greater (and faster) growth AND FAR greater gross-revenue (and profits) for your business (or the business you represent).

If you want to learn some of the basics (and even some of the more advanced strategies) of digital marketing, here are some great resources.

Side note: To become a full-stack digital marketer takes years, but by utilising these resources you will gain great insights, new knowledge, new skills, new concepts and learn some of what is involved:

Want to learn SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Just like anything, the 10,000 hours rule applies to becoming an expert at SEO. However to learn the basics, there are some great resources online. Here are just a few:

  • Neil Patel: His videos on YouTube are excellent and will provide you with great fundamental information. His videos are here.
  • Backlinko: He’s been around for a long time. His new content is focused on white-hat SEO (the only kind of SEO worth learning). He also has a page explaining ‘long-tail keyword phrase targeting’. You can find it here.
  • MOZ: Moz is one of the SEO industries ‘go-to’ websites. They have a very large resources centre within their website, active community, forums, tools and more. We use their SEO tools btw (we have a paid account we use for our clients). MOZ also has a ‘beginners guide to SEO’. Check it out here.
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Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a rabbit hole. There are some great resources on how to learn to use it well though. Some of these resources include:

  • Udemy Course: There is a course on Udemy (an eCourse Marketplace) which we have heard is not too bad. You can find out more about this course here.
  • Digital Marketing Institute Course: This course is also supposed to be pretty good. Find out more about it here.
  • Green Valley Digital Resource: There is a 3 part blog article on this website that provides a basic understanding of Google Adwords and some of the aspects to doing it effectively. You can find it here.
  • Google Ads Video Tutorials: This is a course on the LinkedIn Learning Centre that is worth a look at too if you are planning to run your own Adwords.
  • How to Setup Landing Pages: For best results when doing Google Adwords, you need your ads to link directly to relevant landing pages (that build leads and sell) rather than the home page of your website. This tutorial shows you the settings to use in your Google Adwords account to set this up. Click here to view this YouTube video tutorial.
  • Designing Landing Pages: We design and build landing pages for clients all the time. Creating them yourself might be hard if you are not an expert website designer. However it is still important to understand what strategy is involve. This video tutorial on YouTube provides some good insights.
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Online Sales Funnels?

Learning what Online Sales Funnels are, how they work and how to can bring BIG profits into your business is worthwhile. Even if you already know what online sales funnels are, until you have done the below course, you may not be aware of just how incredible they can be:

  • One Funnel Away Course: We’re only going to share one resource for online sales funnels atm. It is the One Funnel Away course by Russell Brunson and his crew. If you only do two paid courses this year, make it this one and Molly and Ezra’s course… which we speak about below.
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More business strategies?

There are many, many more resources we can and will add to this page. We recommend bookmarking it and coming back regularly if you would like, or subscribe to our mailing list to be updated when new resources are added. Below are just a few more resources we wanted to make sure we included initially:

  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing eLearning Course (FREE): This course provides foundational digital marketing information. It is short and all presented as video. It is a must-watch in our opinion. You can find it here. HubSpot also provide a whole host of eLearning courses. Well worth checking them all out here.
  • Facebook Ads/ Facebook Success eCourse: Because Facebook has evolved and changed its algorithm so much, to gain any real meaningful direct results from using Facebook for your business requires investment. Molly Pittman and Ezra Firestone have put together an amazing course that will show you how to get results from using Facebook. You can find out more about it here.
  • They provide a lot of great information. They also have eCourses you can sign up for. Click here to visit their website.
  • Learning to write good content (including blog articles): Since the internet is all about creating and sharing useful content, those that do it well get ahead. It’s well worth learning some of the ways to write great content. CopyBlogger is an excellent resource site for this. Check out their site here. We also have a course.
  • Animated Explainer Videos: Your website will WOW your site visitors if you have an excellent explainer video on the home page. It will also help them desire your business vs that of your competitors. We recommend never undervaluing or underestimating how an incredibly  professional video on your website home page can dramatically increase your website conversions! We here at You Beaut Websites create excellent explainer videos using tools like Adobe AfterEffects. We also create excellent animations, videos for social media and high-end power-point presentations.
  • Building, Launching and Growing Sales of eLearning Courses: We do everything from assisting you with market research (if needed), working on the strategic planning with you, turning the curriculum into short/ memorable (easily retainable) modules, video work, creating the website with the eLearning course built in (via a membership platform), maxmising intake and retention, marketing, advertising, audience building, and so much more!
  • Business and Community Facebook Group: This is a small Facebook Closed Group but you can ask questions related to websites, website strategies, business, community & audience building, digital marketing; basically anything to do with business. Click here to visit the Facebook Group.
  • LinkedIn Success: If you want to use LinkedIn to gain new customers, there is a learning curve. The Linked Selling team provide an eLearning course that will get you ahead of the pack and gaining results. Their website is here.
  • Self-publishing Book Success: If you want to write a book, or book series to help build your brand and aid your marketing, then this article on the Copyblogger is a good place to start. If you want more info, contact us. We know many experts in the field.
  • Podcasting: There are many guides to starting and growing a podcast audience effectively. This is just one of them.
  • Niche Website and Affiliate Marketing: If you want to build additional revenue streams, niche websites and affiliate marketing are a good option, permitting you are ready to put in the effort and have the skills to do so. It is not easy and takes time (over 15 months initially). Some great resources to help you get started are: Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and the Income School guys on YouTube.

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